Sales and Executive Coaching

Our three, six or nine month coaching programs
(either group or individual) include:


Gain clarity on who you are selling to, what you are selling and why they will buy from you


Unpack your numbers, get honest about your results and create a baseline from which to pivot


Ensure everyone is singing from the same hymn book and understands the forward direction


Identify your positioning statement, confirm your message to market and create cut-through around what really makes you different


Understand how you are measuring your success and identify whether is it lag indicators or lead indicators and why that matters


Helping you differentiate between the Key Performance ACTIVITIES and your Key Performance INDICATORS, to ensure consistency and the right results


Fine-tuning all twenty-one of your skillset and mindset competencies


Discover new ideas around lead generation, negotiating, prospecting, proposals, questioning, buyer psychology, money and so much more


Declare your outcomes and have someone hold you accountable to 90 day plans for easier execution and implementation


Monitor and create metrics based on evaluations, individual feedback and company dataset

Ask these rockstar clients and many more!

Bernadette is a great Sales Mentor and Executive Coach. She really lives by her own words and models in her book “The first sale is always to yourself”. That conviction and thought leadership is infectious. She brings the effortless, quiet, confidence that comes from her deep experience and genuine care in your story.

I would highly recommend working with Bernadette as she is one of the few mentors who truly rolls her sleeves up and cares about her client and their business objectives.

John Symonds

Chief Executive Officer at Associated Retailers Limited

I recommend any sales team get engaged with Bernadette and what she brings to the sales community. Her book, “The Art of Commercial Conversations” is a must read. She is the real deal, authentic and is a genuinely great lady!   When you want your team inspired to open up new conversations, connect with Bernadette.

Larry Levine

Keynote Speaker, Facilitator and Amazon Best Selling Author, California, USA

Over the period I have known and worked with Bernadette I have found her extremely instructive and helpful. She is a very driven and committed individual, providing knowledge and experience of value and worth. Her ability to understand, challenge and give insights into the world of being a successful sales person, makes her a great person to work with.

Laurie Lewis

Strategic Sales – Footwear Specialist

I have worked with Bernadette for a number of months now and her guidance and direction has been key to enhancing the growth of our sales and business.

Bernadette has a realistic outlook towards sales and methods of how to create a positive and successful culture within the sales team. I have found her extremely motivating and her exceptional experience and ability combined, is guaranteed to bring success in any business.

Kyle Mclean

Sales Operations Manager at Parc Supplies

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