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In last week’s newsletter, I introduced my model on Deliberate Disruption, powered by my big idea around Cultivating a Culture of Courage, Conviction, and Choice.

These three elements aren’t just words I’ve thrown together for alliteration, although I reckon it does add a touch of elegance, rather the fact that …

Words matter

And deal breaking mic dropping words matter more!

As a conference speaker, I aim to provide context and ideas that resonate for my audience – individuals, leaders, and companies alike. As a result, my presentations are great for leadership groups and sales teams, especially relevant during times of innovation, accountability, sales challenges, business growth, and disruption.

And that means engaging stories, compelling anecdotes, inspirational moments, insightful statistics, effective models, and interactive elements to meet the specific needs of each event organizer and audience.

Clearly more than just grabbing a microphone and delivering a 45-minute talkfest. It’s a well-oiled, prepared, researched, practiced, professional body of work, delivered with two people in mind: the event organizer and one person in the audience I choose to focus on and give my all to because everyone else will benefit by default.

Why am I sharing this?

Because you and I are no different.

As a salesperson, a leader, or a business…

You each have mic drop moments, too:

✅ Salespeople: Whether you do that pre-call prep work or not, know your purpose and your outcome. Get something on the calendar, or ask one more question before you click ‘leave meeting’. That is a mic drop moment! 🎤

Courage: Dare to ask bold questions that uncover true client needs. One example is to use contrast – ask, not just, ‘what is it you want?’ …but ‘what is it you don’t want?’ because it causes people to think differently. You become different and that is what your buyer wants. Be that person.

Conviction: Believe deeply in the value you bring, and let that belief drive your interactions

Choice: Make strategic decisions in each interaction, focusing on long-term relationships rather than just immediate sales

✅ Leaders: Whether you have the bravery to hold your team accountable or not, by asking them one extra question, ‘If you didn’t use that as an excuse, how would you have made it happen?’ Shift the thinking of your team member. Interrupt their patterns. Be that leader. That is a mic drop moment! 🎤

Courage: Address issues head-on and foster an environment where your team feels safe to take risks.

Conviction: Stand firm in your decisions and principles, providing clear guidance and vision for your team.

Choice: Prioritize actions that align with your values and long-term goals, even when faced with short-term pressures.

✅ Companies: Whether you take the words framed on the walls in your foyer—you know, those things called ‘values’ that are hardly ever looked at – and learn what they mean, so that your people might actually begin to sing from the same hymn book and stay with you. Be that Employer. That is a mic drop moment! 🎤

Courage: Innovate and challenge the status quo to stay ahead in the market.

Conviction: Embed your core values into every level of your organization, ensuring they guide your business practices by understanding what people’s interpretation of those words on the wall mean.

Choice: Make deliberate choices about your company culture, investment in people, and strategic directions.

Words do matter!

Original concepts might originate in our heads, but their true power lies in their embodiment: Courage comes from our heart, Conviction stems from our hunches and Choice lies in our hands.

Together, they create moments of Deliberate Disruption. This synergy is so necessary for individuals, leaders, and businesses to move forward and evolve in today’s world.

Be that ‘mic dropping disruptor’.

Reflect on how can you embody courage, conviction, and choice in your daily actions?

As usual…

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant!
Will you join me next week?

Bernadette McClelland

I bring an extremely powerful and relevant message to the front of the room or to the wider market with my keynotes – ‘The Courage of Conviction and Deliberate Disruption’.

Because if you are not disrupting yourself in the way you think, feel and act – then something or someone else will!

My message is designed for business owners, leaders and salespeople to embrace the courage of their convictions so they can step out, with deliberation, and lead with impact, overcome uncertainty, align brand messages and win more business in a volatile and uncertain economy.

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