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Sales Leadership At A Crossroad? Then This Is Your Road to Success!

There is something special about doing what you love – especially when you know you make an impact.

And when the payoff is in the added currency of ‘client transformation’ then that is the most validating and satisfying payment of all.

I was so fortunate to have been chosen as the sales leadership coach for an aligned and growth focussed global company this year, working with fourteen leaders – regional sales leaders from a cohort perspective and state sales leaders from a one one one perspective, and the reward for all, including myself, has been huge.

The reason why I was my buyers #1 choice over bigger businesses was because of my experience in their industry, my perceived value and my offer.

I 'got them' and they knew that.

And when you bring on board someone who ‘get’s you’, they are invested…

….That person becomes an extension of your business…

….attached to the results, yet detached from the stories – and magic happens, behaviours shift and results result.

So why am I sharing these thoughts with you now, when I have been playing in this space for years?


I want more TOP LEVEL leaders of business to stop discounting the value of their lower down leaders by not providing them a sounding board, or someone who calls them on their BS.

I want more TOP LEVEL leaders of business to invest in their lower down leaders the way they want their leaders to invest in the business and give them someone who not only grows to know them and love them but helps shift and disrupt their patterns of thinking with provocative conversations and questions.

TOP LEVEL LEADERS – Remove your bias of what you believe a business/sales/sales leadership coach to be. Give that gift to your leaders and then reap the rewards.

Invest in your people!

The end result flows downhill fast, just as the proverbial does.

It's your choice as to what you want that flow to be....

❓ What if the investment in your senior staff contributed to a faster, more efficient, and more forecastable pipeline?

❓ What if it led to top talent retention or the knowledge that your company values were being met whilst also impacting families?

❓ What if your managers turned into real leaders?

❓ And what if underneath all the whinging and whining that your leaders might do, you were able to expose their loyalty?

What if the world was your oyster?

So last night we had our final Sellebration (with both sets of leaders in the room).

The pivotal questions were asked of the guys,

🙋What strategies have you implemented?

🙋What did you find most difficult?

🙋How have you changed?

🙋How did you measure success

🙋What will you do next?

And the authenticity and vulnerability was so super inspiring!

I felt like a proud mumma bear! 

Whilst I had experienced those moments one on one, to have these men share their experiences, areas of growth and improvement, and their feelings in front of their peers, and their senior leadership, was wonderful to witness.

We are all human!

None of us come to the table with all the skills, the answers, the behaviours… dare I say it, perfection! 

And as their GM Tina said as we wrapped up… “you are all here because you deserve to be” .

Those words also resonated for me because I think that is something all of us sometimes forget.

One way or the other,

We are exactly where we are because we deserve to be. Period.

So if you are a CEO or Senior Leader of a company and you have managers below you who are craving some direction, need some inspiration, want some confidentiality and are keen to make their numbers, consider the following benefits in providing them a resource in the form of a coach/mentor/devil’s advocate that were shared last night:

🏆 Increased desire to learn 

🏆 Greater confidence in abilities

🏆 Stronger accountability focus

🏆 More balanced and grounded emotional state

🏆 Improved communication skills where it matters

🏆 Creativity unleashed

🏆 Tools and models to make the complex simple

🏆 More aligned company values

🏆 Runs on the board

You want more business? You know what you've gotta do!

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

Bernadette McClelland

Leaders hire me to get results within the sales function of their business. 

🔑 Behaviour change begins when you shift the story within.

🔑 Your value unfolds when the right buyer stories are told.

🔑 There’s much greater buy-in when all stories align.

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