Sales People And The Law of Consistency

As mentioned, the law of consistency states that the strongest force in the human personality is the need to remain consistent with how we define ourselves. It doesn’t matter what mask we put on to the outside world, it will never be our true identity until we believe it. Until we embody it so that it becomes part of us on all levels seamlessly and effortlessly.

You can say you are the best salesperson in the world but if you don’t believe that deep down, then you will never reach that level. The secret then starts by learning to change the story you tell yourself, start a new story and embody those beliefs at a physical level. Sounds easy and with the right strategy, is!


As we know you cannot logic someone to change their beliefs. The smoker who knows it will kill them will still continue smoking. As a salesperson you logically know what you must change about the strategies you run but it won’t necessarily happen just because you know it.


There comes a time where something happens that causes you to shift from wanting to change to categorically having to change. This takes buy in at an emotional level. It becomes a ‘must’ in your life. Until you reach this point, you are simply dabbling in a thought.

Live It

Once you have the leverage and you are associated with the gain or the loss, you embody it physically and start living it, start becoming who you need to be.

Take responsibility for increasing your results, start with you!  Build an identity that will cause you to behave in ways that will produce the results you want long term and that includes becoming the value you want your clients to experience.

I’m happy to help – it’s what I do.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Sales People And The Law of Consistency

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