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THEMES: StorySelling, Leadership, Inspiration, Sales

SALES. RE-IMAGINED. is a keynote that highlights the on-ramp B2B businesses must take in order to shift their buyer’s indecision, master influence, and build massive trust through a modern-day, story-powered selling approach.


  1. Ensure your people build on the brand you have established
  2. Have your team lessen their reliance on product talk and increase buyer talk
  3. Identify the key stories every seller must tell to build out their commercial conversations and lead the field.

Bernadette’s SALES. RE-IMAGINED. approach addresses the following 5 themes to help you Unleash Your StorySelling Genius faster and more efficiently:

✅ SELL CHANGE! Most people don’t realise their biggest competitor is not the business down the road, it’s a little word called maybe. To sell change is to mitigate risk and help broker a decision. Nobody really cares about your story, they care about theirs! 

✅  TRUST AND INSPIRE! In this post pandemic economy, it’s time to evolve the sales-centric speak towards conversations that have more depth, emotion and connection because that’s where decisions are really made. Why you? Why now and Who cares?

✅  OBLITERATE OBJECTIONS! Stop thinking that objections are final, a failure or something to be feared. Objections are not rejection, they’re just story based, course corrections.

✅  RE-IMAGINE NEGOTIATIONS  – Do you want to make your buyer sigh with frustration or sign with anticipation. Then let’s call the elephant in the sales room and ask, ‘are we telling stories through our biased lens, or seeking stories through our buyer’s lens?’

✅  YOU AND THE NUMBERS! Business is not just about the data, statistics, metrics, facts and numbers. In fact, a StorySeller provides the only lifeline to a stalled pipeline!

Audience Outcomes

Each audience member will walk away with actionable deliverables to be executed immediately. They will:

  • Understand the enormous role telling the right stories has on building connection and boosting revenue
  • Gain clarity around each of the key sales conversation where stories MUST be told
  • Understand how to leverage their own personal stories and build them into a relevant and commercial sales narrative
  • Identify how to encourage buyers to tell their stories to get emotional buy-in and help move the sale forward, faster
  • Increase levels of trust and expertise in the market place so that your brand is protected and your sell-ability is increased.

Most importantly, each audience member will leverage relevant stories and examples to impact their business growth.

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Bernadette McClelland
Bernadette - Story Powered Selling

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