Big Statement!

Big Shoes To Fill!

If every salesperson realised the back story and responsibility that they had in their role, whether it was selling an idea, a product or a service, either for their own business or whether they worked for someone else, then they would see the real impact and level of influence they carried. They would see the ripple effect this profession of ours actually has on both our business and our customers business.

A solution, an offering or a product has a financial value attached to it. It has to. It’s how commerce works, supply and demand, an exchange of different currencies, the ebb and flow of economics that makes our world, our country, our communities and our families stay in flow.

But it is so much more than that.

Every business needs sales to occur so that business can keep their doors open. So they can pay their staff, their suppliers and their taxes. If you don’t ask your client to pay and to pay enough, then the price that you eventually pay will be exorbitant. We know that.

But what many salespeople don’t give very much thought to at all, unless they are those business owners in the dark depths of revenue-less dispair, is that if the sales aren’t made, the business ceases to exist. When a business ceases to exist, what goes on behind those closed doors is a whole lot of painful and psychological warfare.

On average 44 business per day close their doors in the state of Victoria, Australia alone (ABS). By the time you have lunch each day, half of those people will be signing the relevant paperwork and by the time you go to bed that evening all of them will have contemplated their future in one way or another. Liquidation. Bankruptcy. Suicide.

Yes. Suicide!

And recognised and supported through organisations such as beyondblue where national workplace programs are being put in place for business owners in verticals that include construction, mining, manufacturing and transport, even including not for profits and unions. Why?

Because these business owners (mostly men) who are taking their lives, actually have no pre-existing mental illness – they are racked by debt, many forced onto welfare and as providers and protectors, ultimately see their identity as an epic fail.

Imagine if they were able to sell more product. Imagine if they were able to sell for more margin. Imagine if they were to sell to more people.

Their worlds would look so different.

People ask me why I focus on sales and why am so obsessed about helping people learn to have those value driven sales conversations. Because I believe salespeople are the good guys and salespeople need to see themselves as the good guys.

Salespeople who care, who think differently, who realise their role is not just to keep their own doors open for their company or their employers, but to help their customers keep their doors open – they are the true heroes. Real ChangeMakers.

Our ideas, our products or our services don’t just stop at the signed order and commission cheque, they help our customers businesses run more effectively, profitably, purposefully and productively so they can help their customers and so that ripple spreads.

Doors will stay open. Lives will be enhanced. Money will be made and the world will be a better place. Trust me!

So to any salesperson reading this article. Look at your company through different eyes. Look at your client through different eyes. And realise that your level of contribution and curiosity is so much more important, influential and impactful than turning up on a call and bringing out your brochure.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

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