Smash the competition

You only get one chance these days to make a good enough impression on your prospect. Not just to win the business. Those simplistic days are gone.

One chance to simply break into the account and win the appointment.

Just one chance on that phone or email or message on social media.

So what is it I am talking about?

It is your value proposition.

In the past we use to say ‘Hi there, I am your new account manager and I am ringing to make an appointment’ regardless of whether we had an account with my company or not – and it worked well.

Another approach according to our sales training was based on the benefits of what we had to offer – ‘What I want to discuss is a service to business which has been successful in companies similar to yourselves as these latest developments are proving most successful in other companies such as yours. Is Wednesday all right at 9:15 or would you prefer Thursday?’

Both are now old hat and will have your prospects deleting your messages, or nodding externally but turning off internally. You most certainly won’t get to first base – the appointment.

A suggested approach which is more modern day is based on understanding four key elements:

  • The challenges and trends in the industry
  • The ability to identify which part of these challenges is enough of a trigger event to shift from the status quo
  • Communicating the movement the prospect actually wants ie lowering time to market, increasing output, improving productivity
  • Proving ROI should they decide to move from the status quo
[/list1] These 4 points create your value proposition and must be researched and practiced prior to making that phone call to win the appointment.

Your competitors are still in the change rooms discussing tactics – be strategic, plan your approach well, walk out and smash them!
Selling today is so much NOT about selling – it is all about making the first sale to yourself!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Smash the competition...

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