State of the Nation Address

Pick a state and address it:

Confused?You need Clarity
Overwhelmed?You need Outcomes
Frustrated?You need Focus
Manipulated?You need Meaning
Competitive?You need Collaboration
Distracted?You need Direction
Lost?You need Leverage

And the list could continue…
States are emotions we experience and emotions drive everything or drive nothing, wouldn’t you agree?

Without going into too much psychology around why we do the things we do – at the end of the day, if you want better results you have simply got to execute. Period.

And in order to execute you have to have something to actually execute.

So if you are a big picture thinker and don’t get down into the detail then start to chunk your vision down into categories. Mind map it, butcher paper it, flow chart it – but do it.

If you are a detail -oriented person then capture similar tasks that fit under a similar umbrella and chunk them up into categories that you can action.

If YOU don’t know what you want then how will other people know and how will the universe know what to give you.

The secret sauce however, amongst all the ingredients, is to actually diarise activities that you will execute. Too often I see people who say ‘I’m going to do this and that’, great ideas, but they are never scheduled.

Once it is in the calendar and then it is not executed, well… it is up to you to identify the state that has stopped you – and address it!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

State of the Nation Address

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