Stop Giving Value..

Marketing tells us to give value, give value, give value so that, in turn, we will be valued by others and ultimately become a force to reckon with. And it goes without saying that when that happens we will naturally be seen as invaluable to those around us whether they be colleagues, clients or friends.
I think that’s wrong.

Just like wearing the oxygen mask first before we help others with their oxygen mask, the concept is the same when it comes to being of service to others or asking for the business or standing for what we believe in . Not so much about putting ourselves first, but in valuing ourselves first.

Being valued is just as much about valuing you, as it is about others valuing you.

Once you value yourself and your worth, you can stand strong in your conviction and really give value which will be reflected in your contribution, your offering to the market and your dreams.

3 quick tips…

  • Acknowledge what you are great at and OWN that, regardless of what you think others will think
  • Reflect on the value others will get from being with you
  • Decide ways in which you can become even greater in that area or decide to spin another plate and own your greatness there
[/list3] And of course, we all know that the person who gives true value authentically, we find it hard to live without and, by default, becomes invaluable.

Where are you on the value chain with those around you and what will you do to shift?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Stop Giving Value

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