Do you want to accelerate your sales by elevating your storyselling skills?


Some people (leaders or teams) like working in a group with like-minded people through our full day programs (or virtual 4 x 2 hour workshops).  Then again some people prefer the intimacy of having their own coach to help elevate their stories. Whether it is a one on one role playing scenario creating a story that counters a buyer’s incorrect belief (a story), swapping out a bland ‘all about me’ case study to be a compelling success story, or opening a boardroom presentation to immediately captivate a room full of suits…. we will work with you to craft seven pivotal stories you can immediately apply to real life scenarios.

Story-Powered Sales™ Coaching is that viable alternative for those corporate sales leaders keen to make an impact.

How does it work?

The regular package consists of six one-hour sessions. They’re normally done face-to-face, but we can also do them over the phone or via Zoom.

Each session typically focuses on a specific aspect of storytelling and we relate it to your main sales challenges. But if it’s more appropriate, the sessions can be used to craft a presentation, better lead a meeting, create a pitch, connect and influence and get a decision, as just a few of our client’s outcomes. We will help you to find and tell stories that give your conversations and negotiations more impact, and to hone your delivery for any front of room presentation.

In addition to the one on one coaching, you will also have access to our attractive and comprehensive coaching materials: workbook, audio workbook, Seven Stories Every Salesperson must Tell book,  4-month access to the Story-Powered Sales online course and weekly deliberate practice program (DPP).

We help you become a  better business storyteller so you can effortlessly share real examples (stories) to make your point.


What sort of outcomes can I expect?

Your presentations will have more impact, and people will remember what you said regardless of whether you view yourself as ‘logic driven’ or ‘creative driven’. You’ll feel more confident and authentic, whether you’re presenting, delivering a pitch or just talking informally, because you’ll have a repertoire of stories based on logical structures that you can use to make a business point in an interesting and memorable way.

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‘Bernadette is brilliant. Really a great teacher’ Hans Kohlmeyer, Head of Centre of Excellence, Nokia Global

“Mark is a wonderful coach! I was recently asked to keynote a large presentation, and Mark was such an asset. He quickly got to know me, the subject matter and audience and, with laser precision, shared pragmatic tips to connect with the audience and ensure message saliency (all virtually, nonetheless). The presentation was an overwhelming success, much attributed to Mark’s coaching!”
—Amy Shah, Johnson and Johnson

“I had the privilege of working with Shawn over a 3–6-month period as my team and I sought to find our own stories for a complex change project.
Shawn and Anecdote proved to be a pivotal fulcrum point that challenged my perspective on strategy, leadership, communication and, of course, the power of stories. To say that Shawn is a great storyteller, strategist and communicator is to massively understate what he brings to the table. His true value is his unique lens on life; his alternative perspective; and his limitless reference points from which to gain perspective, insight and inspiration.
While our engagement only lasted a short time, Shawn has continued to be a valuable guide, sharing ideas, challenges and experiences – of course, all through stories.”

—Simon Want, Office of Living Victoria

The ‘Selling with Stories’ Workshop for Sales and Professional Services was a great introduction to a more natural way of communicating in business that promotes connection and understanding. I came away with a framework, tools and insights from the exercises that I can use to create a library of stories to use in selling, coaching my sales team, and parenting. Thank you Mike!

– Emy Escalona , Sales Manager, Viatek

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