The Belief Hunter, Ideas Visionary and Performance Driver

In the words of General Patton, “If everyone is thinking alike, someone isn’t thinking” and whether you are on the battlefield or on the frontline in business, you can’t gain ground or win against the competition by playing it safe. The salesperson needs to become a BOLD ADAPTOR and in doing so must
play three roles a Belief Hunter, an Ideas Visionary and a Performance Driver.

We all know that being bold means being courageous and taking risks, but it also means challenging the status quo and having the skill set to challenge your customers thinking. In today’s fast moving world of selling, the outcomes are created by three key identity shifts.

Become a Belief Hunter by shifting your beliefs in yourself about what meaning you place on aspects of your role, the customer or the changing sales landscape. Through personal leadership get to know your customers beliefs about how they view all aspects of their world and this takes a higher quality questioning skill set than simply the four standard question categories.

Become an Ideas Visionary, because today it is all about thought leadership, education and being known as an expert in your field. Too many salespeople are still hanging on the language that their offering is ‘a one stop shop’. Your customers want more than that – give it to them.

Become a Performance Driver and execute elegantly. The business still must be secured, implemented and then followed up providing ten times more value than what the customer paid.

Too many salespeople struggle with a belief that they can’t rock the boat or call it as it is, but if they want any chance of survival in the business world today and in the future then they need to tell a different story – they need to own that part of them that is bold.

I’m happy to help – it’s what I do.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

The Belief Hunter, Ideas Visionary and Performance Driver

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