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When people think of psychology they usually conjure up images of people pouring their childhood issues out whilst lying on a therapist couch, people wearing straight jackets in mental institutions or cult like environments with people singing kumbaya, therefore people tend to steer away from anything that remotely begins with the term ‘psych…’.

In some cases that is true. However, there is another side to psychology that focuses on helping healthy people lead a life with even more meaning, success and fulfillment.

If we consider the following, it may help put success into perspective and generate healthy discussion and opportunity for those individuals and businesses that want to seriously connect the dots and create different results.

  • Philosophy – is generally concerned with thoughts and ideas and therefore we all have our philosophy on life and business.
  • Physiology – is generally the physical makeup of our brain and nervous system, our body language, our stance, our breathing and the state we are in.
  • Psychology from the Greek word psyche meaning self or consciousness and logis meaning study, is really just a bridge. It is bridge between thoughts and ideas and the physical makeup of the brain or the mental processes that occur and how we come to have the idea in the first place and how our mind works.

Doesn’t it make sense then that those wanting to improve themselves would want to understand the psychology behind themselves and others? After all, decisions made in business, in politics, in marketing, in life are all made based on psychology:

  • Causing us to think differently but also reinforcing our thinking
  • Helping us understand ourselves and others even more
  • Questioning limiting beliefs that cause us to sabotage our potential success
  • Providing solutions to complex questions or niggling doubts and fears we may have.

Imagine… for a moment, that you or your team built that bridge and you were exposed to new learnings that helped you generate more business, higher results and deeper relationships. What might that look like to you? What might you do differently? Who would sink and who would swim?

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The Bridge Over The River Sales

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