The Four Spheres of Sales Awareness

From a global and industry perspective all the way to a local and individual perspective there are four spheres of sales awareness.

The salesperson who can create meaningful conversations at each level will take pride of place at the relationship table with any customer and be perceived as a trusted advisor. This is an area that is truly lacking in sales relationships today, it is the open gap and the missing jigsaw piece.

Understand what the core challenges your clients are facing in all four spheres. Can you:
[list] [list_item icon=” icon-asterisk” hex_color=”939393″]Name The Industry and define the trends, the pitfalls, the general and specific issues that have occurred historically and today?[/list_item] [list_item icon=” icon-asterisk” hex_color=”939393″]Name The Business and define the problems inherent with your customers business, their customers and their products, the status of their competititors, their service levels, staffing situations?[/list_item] [list_item icon=” icon-asterisk” hex_color=”939393″]Name The Role and define the KPIs, the challenges, the recognition and the stresses known to your customers in their respective roles? What are the politics involved in their organisation and what is the ripple effect on their role and their team?[/list_item] [list_item icon=” icon-asterisk” hex_color=”939393″]Name The Individual and the world they live in including the stresses they take home, they have at work and how these impact those around them? Their payoffs in their world and the things they love or their family circumstances?[/list_item] [/list_item][/list] How might this add depth and breadth to the relationship if your knowledge was at this level? The best thing to understand is that it is not hard to find out nor is it intrusive to discover. This is what being curious and connected is all about. This establishes relationships and by understanding someone’s map of the world initiates change.

So let me leave you with these two questions. What business are you in? Think again, and answer – what business are you really in?

Be Bold and Brilliant!

The Four Spheres of Sales Awareness

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