The Power Of Taking time Out

The Power of Taking Time Out: How Personal Interactions Can 10x Your Business

One thing I have personally come to realise in this crazy, noisy and fast-paced world we now live in, is that it is so easy to become laser-focused and one-eyed on our business, and it is often at the expense of personal connections and downtime!

What I also know to be true based on my work a while back with the ‘About My Brain Institute’ is that one of the secrets to magnifying your business success definitely lies in those moments away from work.

Those moments spent with family and friends, catching up with clients in a more casual setting, or participating in personal development groups like masterminds. So whilst I wait for my flight back from Australia and New Zealand, to my new ‘home’ in the USA I reflected on the following 5 ways I feel will help me 10x my business and help you 10x yours, as well.

1. Family Visits: A Return to My Roots

Having visited my Mum in NZ, I realised there is something incredibly grounding about returning to your roots and having the deeper conversations. Conversations that perhaps for some reason you were never able to have when you were younger.

And of course, grabbing the opportunity to hang out with a few of my 45 direct cousins certainly helped but most important was my own two children, their partners and their children (with another one on the way).

My perspective – Family will always (in most instances, at least) provide a safe space to decompress, reminisce, and recharge. Why? Because it is built on our core values, and as we know our core values will often guide business decisions. What are your values?

2. Friendships: The Balance We Need

We all know friendships are important and one of the reasons is, I believe, is that they offer balanced perspectives. Long time friendships (eg meeting up with my very first work colleague from 45 years ago) can remind us of who we were before our businesses and careers took off, and that helps ground us in reality – cementing what connected you to begin with.

My perspective – Laughter, shared experiences, and simply being with those who know you best can not only be fun, but significantly reduce stress. Whether close friends or colleagues, they can also offer unbiased opinions about your ideas for growth. They’re not afraid to tell it like it is, which can be invaluable – if you are open to it! Are you open to others opinions?

3. Mastermind Groups: Iron Sharpens Iron

Mastermind Groups: Iron Sharpens Iron

I’ve always believed that joining or belonging in a mastermind is akin to enrolling in an advanced business course. It’s where growth-minded individuals come together to learn, share, and uplift and I am super fortunate in that I have a couple of different ‘inner circles’ I belong to so travelling from the Sunshine Coast to the hinterland of Byron Bay, [known for it ‘s hippy lifestyle] was a perfect setting for a 3 day ‘woo woo that works’ mastermind with two dear friends – yet none of us having ever met in person.

My perspective – Building connections with other like-minded and growth focussed entrepreneurs or leaders not only means potential partnerships but will introduce you to different business strategies, tools, and tactics that you weren’t previously aware of. Who do you have as an ‘inner circle’ and are they outside your field of expertise?

4. Playtime with Grandchildren: The Ultimate Creativity Boost

Playtime with Grandchildren

As new grandparents, being MIA from our first grandchild for the past 18 months and meeting our brand new 2nd grandchild was not only fantastic, but took both Tim McClelland and myself into a world of imagination and play.

My Perspective – Children view the world without the constraints us adults have. They unapologetically tell us what they want, not necessarily what they need. They call it as it is and laugh so very easily. From a brain perspective, the sheer joy and simplicity of ‘play’ completely rejuvenates our spirit, and when this happens we can take that renewed energy and tackle any challenge – especially business challenges. With play being so important, what does your schedule look like – usually?

5. Meeting Clients and Prospects: Fostering Business Growth

Meeting Clients and Prospects: Fostering Business Growth

Having met with half a dozen of my ‘best‘ clients, it was proof that regular interactions are pillars for a thriving business and when you visit in your ‘downtime’, those catchups bring on such a different and more personal energy.

My perspective: There is no doubt that face-to-face meetings solidify relationships and strengthen that trust and personal interactions and regular touch points become invaluable assets. What is your KIT (Keep In Touch) strategy for your clients?

In Summary

Embracing moments with loved ones, investing time in personal growth, engaging with clients, and ensuring regular communication can pave the way for unparalleled business success. These seemingly simple actions might just be the catalysts that drive your venture’s exponential growth as well.

And on that note,

Continue to Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant


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