Less is Less….

It’s a mathematical fact!

My husband, Tim and I recently moved from Australia to live in the USA (6 weeks ago to be exact) and the process was lessening

💸 We sold all those bits and pieces that sit around in the garage and in cupboards that you don’t realise you have duplicates of until you go to sell them…

🧸 We gave the kids tubs of their toys and trophy’s that had not only filled up drawers and wardrobes for years, but also fed into my maternal story that I was keeping a safe haven for them where it still felt like ‘their home’, when in reality it wasn’t even the house they had grown up in and besides, they had their own homes….

👗 We got rid of those clothes that for years I had held onto ‘just in case I get back to the same size I was 40 years ago or just in case ‘scratch’n’smell’ t-shirts come back into style’ (only kidding! But scarily close 😂!)

📦 We chose enough ‘treasures’ to store in a 6’x10′ pod for when we come back home in a couple of years time (And my bet is we will most likely look at half of those ‘treasures’ and wonder why we kept them, too).

In upping and moving halfway around the world with only six suitcases, 2 carry-ons, 2 backpacks and a dream, let me tell you less is not more

Less is less

And that obvious insight also relates to how we go about our daily business life:

  • Make less calls? Then be prepared to have less conversations
  • Have less conversations? Then get ready to present less opportunities
  • Present less opportunities? Then you will be guaranteed to make less sales

Less is not More – More is More!

So if you are not satisfied with your outcomes because your results are ‘less than’ where you want them to be, then what will you do, this week! to create more of what you want?

✅ More activity?

✅ More supportive beliefs?

✅ More consistent habits?

For me, personally, I have less people in my geographical back pocket being in a new country…

✅ So I am meeting MORE people

✅ Having MORE conversations

✅ Marketing MORE than I did before…


Less is less

And… you and I – well..,

We’re both into abundance, right?

Lest we all forget that life-changing fact!

As usual,

Stay Bold, Brave and Brilliant! 

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