We’ve read about it!

We’ve heard about it!

We’ve all noticed it out there…

But the other day I actually witnessed it!

I’m a huge fan of Shark Tank here in Australia and must admit, am enjoying the psychology behind the pitching and catching. And from both the seller and the buyer. I’m noticing that those pitching are either:

* Naive to the notion of pitching and know nothing about how to language what they want
* Ignorant when given advice from experts and let the ego take over by not being gracious when given feedback
* Passionate about what they are pitching, so much so, that there is no inherent value to the buyer shared

And then there are those who:

* Back themselves with such conviction and belief in their product, service or great idea
* Have a purpose bigger than the deal they are pitching that flows through their entrepreneurial veins and
* Move the buyer to action because they transform the conversation, inspire the end user and come from place of bold conviction, higher context and intended contribution.

Lisa Earle McLeod in her book ‘Selling with Noble Purpose’ shares her NSP message. “If you sell based on a deep mission and purpose, revenue will follow”. But we still must recognise the value of the dollar in order for that revenue to follow.

What is your Noble Sales Purpose in business as either a buyer or a seller?

We also saw a while ago Dan Price, founder and chief executive of payment processing start-up Gravity, ensure all his staff had equal pay – the same as him, which means he reduced his pay from $1million plus to $91,000 and leveled the playing field. It was a noble concept (that perhaps wasn’t thought through enough we found out later), so what might your Noble Sales Purpose be as either a leader or a boss when it comes to your people?

We know the world of business is shifting from one of driving profits through the sale of widgets to one where more value is placed on a combination of purpose, people and profits through connection and relationships. I mean, you don’t have to be blind Freddy to realise the real deal that people want to buy, is well… just that, the real deal in all it’s facets – good value, purposeful intentions, a win/win re the dollars and you being simply you, as part of that. So…

Back to the Shark Tank…

And a fantastic 8 minute demonstration of how all of that can be done. I actually think this could be the sales leadership training of all time… Why?

Because it shows us the power of a few things:

Johnny had a vision and a strong Noble Sales Purpose (NSP) –

* His purpose was bigger than him and bigger than making money – it was to promote water conservation world wide
* He was agile and perceptive and continually innovated even though the landscape over time had continually changed
* He could articulate his ‘positioning’ in the first few minutes very clearly
* He knew his numbers back to front and could prove his case studies were successful and rock solid
* He could weave an emotional story into his pitch that was real and meaningful to the sale of the product
* He knew his market like the back of his hand
* He was able to demonstrate and share the benefits of the product combining ‘product speak’ with value to the end user creating additional value to the conversation


* He was an artist who had an entrepreneurial spirit and the risk taking, business based entrepreneur in him hadn’t yet surfaced which had kept his opportunities capped
* He hadn’t prospected or marketed or put himself out there, limiting his exposure to even more potential markets
* His thinking was still small town and local yet he wanted to change the world
* His money beliefs around what he thought people would pay were limiting his growth
* He needed to sell at a higher price and not discount so much to make more money so he could buy more resources to sell more product to change the world
* He was driven by his NSP which, at the end of the day, attracted only one shark. But it only ever takes one person to see past the naivety, through the passion to intuitively see the potential value to someone’s business and, boots and all, no hustling, no game-playing, the shark said a resounding YES.

It’s the circle of business and when values are aligned and when good people come together for a noble cause, great things happen. BUT…if you are running a business, or a territory or even a lemonade stand, you won’t just get the biggest bite in the bum if you can’t make a profit to serve more people – you will rapidly sink.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

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