Thought Leadership is the Key to Sales Success

As a member of the Thought Leaders Global community, understanding how to challenge my thinking and create my own intellectual property provides enormous value in strengthening my level of certainty.

Also being fortunate enough to coach at an extremely elite level means I cause enough tension in my clients thinking to move them from uncertainty to certainty impacting their results.

Having spent considerable time as a B2B salesperson where relationship building was extremely strong, stood me in good stead as well.

In hindsight, combining the skills of a coach to challenge, the skills of a thought leader to create ideas and the skills of a salesperson to build relationships how powerful would that combination have been for business years ago?

Thought Leadership is the untapped bastion of B2B sales because the relationships it builds are exclusive, giving permission for the salesperson to enter their customers world at a very different and unique level. It demonstrates not just concern but provides insights bringing business value to the table. This is so far removed from the salesperson who is simply great at building relationships alone and doesn’t want to risk getting anybody off side.

Here are three ways you can become a thought leader in your role as a sales professional:

  • Discover ways your customers can compete more effectively in their markets ie how can you save them money or make money
  • Identify two or three topics within your customers industry that you know as much if not more about than your customer and be able to discuss it
  • Create a certain amount of uncomfortableness or respectful tension by challenging your customer to think differently about their business and initiate any change by being authoritative not aggressive.
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