Time to be disruptive, I think…

Yep, that reads like something Sister Alphonsus wrote in my Form 4 school report, but it’s true – it’s time to shake things up a little.

It’s time to make change happen not just manage change – it’s time to become ChangeMakers.

What does that mean?

It means that not only do we need to change, but we need to help others make change happen.

As salespeople we are no longer selling products, services or widgets. We are selling change.

We have to ask more ‘what if’ questions not only of our clients but of ourselves. Because if we don’t, we run the risk of being caught napping and we know what happens then… we lose the race.

I was fortunate enough to spend last Friday night with Ita Buttrose and a room of professional women (this is my daughter Danielle with Ita) and we ed to this iconic business woman, role model and pioneer in the print industry share her thoughts on sales, marketing and leadership.

There were a few nuggets I took away scribbled on the back of a serviette and after a couple of days reflection, I was able to interpret them in my own way to share with you here:

1. Hard work gets us to where we want to go. There is really no such thing as luck, but timing certainly does help us. So determination and being at the right place at the right time also helps and really, that can only come from activity.

2. Don’t pussyfoot around – Just do it. It’s all about decision making and owning the outcome we want. Think about the next conversation you have with anybody – client, staff, friend – for what purpose is the conversation and what do you want the specific outcome to be?

3. Make a decision and cop it. So, owning the outcome you want is part of it, but it’s important to also own the outcome you didn’t bank on. You can carry a chip on your shoulder or accept your decision because, by default, you have chosen to enter the jungle and because of that, there will always be obstacles or something jumping out at us from left of field, so strategy is critical.

4. Have a robust sense of humour. Well, if you are in my world, self deprecation is very important and so is losing perfectionism. Learn to laugh and have fun in a real throw your head back, unrestrained, hearty laughter kind of way.

5. Love what you do. Enjoy the unpredictability of your role or your job and have a bigger intention. That purpose that will see you through when you want more from your role or get disillusioned. Where possible find a mentor.

6. Feminise your industry. For women only. Please đŸ™‚ This was a great distinction for women as our domains are typically male centric and we tend to adapt to the masculine energy especially where results are so important to achieve. Learning to stay in our feminine is an extremely powerful key in business.

We need to continue to hear and see and feel different experiences to continue to grow and contribute to our worlds – business and personal – especially if we are to help others shift from the status quo.

And in sales our biggest competitor isn’t the business down the street or the guy in the reception area going in before us or the girl who happens to submit their RFP before us. It’s a little word called MAYBE. Our competitor is the status quo and to win that race, we need to shift the axis and disrupt the world a little – we need to become ChangeMakers.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Bernadette McClelland

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