Time Management is a Myth

We can never manage time. There are only ever 24 hours in a day that have been given to us so how can we ever manage that? What we can do however, is manage ourselves during that time. And that becomes another conversation altogether uncovering a whole heap of issues, fears, procrastination strategies at best.

In saying that, here are 5 thoughts you may like to consider if you find yourself veering off course or chasing that next shiny object:

  • Discover exactly where you wasting your time. Do you even know? Have you ever done a time in motion study and actually tracked your usage of time. The exercise is not dissimilar to someone tracking their every morsel of food if watching their weight or exercising at a gym if they are also watching their weights :). Try it – set your phone for every 30 minutes and capture your activities for that period. Is what you were doing making you money?
  • Get fairdinkum! Your behavior needs to change if you were honest with the man in the mirror. Create some new standards and rituals that will serve you. For example, emails in the morning, lunch and afternoon. Log off social media completely not just close it down. Write your proposals in a coffee lounge where there is no wi-fi.
  • Have a daily priority outcome and set your performance benchmark. If you have 20 tasks ensure that 20% are definitely achieved. This will give you momentum.
  • Who can you delegate tasks to or leverage? Resources are such an important part of success – use the ones you have. CRMs, Calenders, Social Media and Other People. Don’t be proud and ask for help.
  • NETT Time – No extra time taken. What can you do in the car driving to an from appointments? Who can you call? What can you to? What can you plan? Always carry a note pad to capture ideas else they will disappear into the ether but when you do capture them – execute them.
[/list3] Time Management is a myth – as you can see the above 5 points are all about you and the clarity you need to achieve your outcomes.

Be Bold and Brilliant!

Time Management is a Myth

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