VIP’S, Demonstrations and Showcases

Each of you who read this newsletter are in business, each are responsible for generating sales revenue and each of you do that through the product or service you sell.

Only thing is – how many people know about what you have to offer the world?

Do you know what the value of your product or service is? Like, really know?

Many of your opportunities will come from referrals, recommendations, Google adwords, some through cold calling (kudos to you!) but what about launches?

You have all shared with me the launch of my Acceleration Program and the awareness and success that has generated but it doesn’t have to be a launch. Here are three ways to add a different flavour to your approach;

VIP Days – Invite the top 10 or 20 prospects and important clients together in a room and present an industry overview and round table discussion and allow them to contribute to the industry and also give you a competitive edge. Allow both parties to interact and don’t forget to follow up.

Demonstration Day – Once again, choose one or two products or services and bring prospective clients in to have a demonstration of the suite of offerings you have ensuring you really focus on the benefits to them and offer exclusive pricing for that period of time.

Showcase Event – Bring together some complementary services and service providers so long as they are not in competition to you, and provide a joint venture showcase to your potential and existing clients ensuring you make it totally relevant to their business outcomes. Everyone wins!

It’s always great to look outside the square every now and then and do, and be seen as doing, something a little different.

Pick one thing and nail it for the rest of 2013!

Be Bold and Brilliant!

VIP'S, Demonstrations and Showcases

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