Why Questions? Why Stories?

Because both go hand in hand in building trust, influence and selling change.

According to Forrester, 78% of buyers believe sellers do not have enough relevant case studies, metaphors, analogies, stories or conversations that will make a difference to them, yet only 20% of salespeople come to the table with those insights. The reason? They have not had conversations deep enough to elicit the buyer’s story and therefore, be seen as the only viable partner.

Let’s just ponder that a moment.

Reflect on your proposals, or PowerPoint presentations or even the stories that are told when trying to make an appointment with a prospect, overcome an objection or simply help them change a belief.

✅ What information do you or your team lead with?

✅ Whose story is being told – yours or the buyer’s?

✅ How much business do you lose that you aren’t aware of even losing?

In most cases the conversation headliner will be company information, mission statement, or product specific because sharing that information is the path of least resistance and makes the salesperson feel safe and in control.

Not knowing how to sell change, influence or build trust can have serious consequences for you as the leader, and also the business, seen through:

  • Rising cost of business
  • Loss of market share
  • Lost customers
  • The expense of supporting low performers.

To achieve and retain your competitive edge, to make sure your prospects and customers get the best possible return on their investment when working with you, to evolve your sales conversation skills to include Questions that Connect, Convert and Close in concert with Selling with Story, let’s have an initial conversation to see if we can help each other.

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