Faith is a winner’s game

Fear is a survival game

Fragility is a losing game

Winners, high achievers, go-getters

Have more than belief.

They have faith.

A knowing ….that everything will be OK.

That taking both leaps and baby steps

Forward and backwards,


In the pursuit of change…

Is always about growth.

Is always about innovation.

The opposite of faith is disbelief

It’s fear.

It’s living by the rules.

Rules that confine you to the way you’ve always done things.

To stay safe.

That stop you from colouring outside the lines,

Pushing boundaries,

Challenging the status quo,

Busting expectations.

Fear is pure survival.

Faith is humanity 101.

The foundation of what you believe to be true

About whether you can, or can’t

  • Pick up the phone
  • Present to a group
  • Plan a kick ass project
  • Pursue a lifelong passion
  • Make a difference
  • Be a great parent
  • Own your own mountain

Whose system is holding you back?

Your parents?

Your managers?

Your community’s?

Your peer groups?

Or… yours?


As I see it, you have a choice.

Wrap yourself in cotton wool,

Protect your ego with bubble wrap,

Stay inside your four walls.


Break the system,

Bust out,

Be brave.

Because fragility will always be a losing game.

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

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