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What’s your content to noise ratio?

Interesting question this one… Seth Godin (marketer and author) asked it in one of his recent blog posts and it made me think about anyone who has a product or service or even a cool idea to sell.

How much of what we say or write or demonstrate is this huge build up to nothing. Or worse still how much noise are we filling our space with, and that of those around us, that could be genuine value creating content.

* Telling people about how cool your product or service is, in my books, noise.
* Sharing with me how my life will be better is content.
* Inspiring me to buy your idea, product or service is creating value
* Generating results that matter to them, is delivering value

So have a think about the next time you’re in a conversation with someone and you have this great idea you want them to adopt, or you have a new product you can’t wait to tell the world about or your service is kicking butt… stop and ask yourself:

Is it noise, content or value I’m communicating and which one serves the person in front of me most?

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What's your content to noise ratio?

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