When we think of ‘storytelling’, most people conjure up ‘once upon a time’s’ and ‘happily ever after’.

I have had people assume it is creating a brand, or involves someone with the gift of the gab winging a conversation with some made up scenario. I’ve even had a wannabe author ask me if it is teaching how to write a book.

The point remains – like other ‘soft skills’ that include empathy and EI and intuition, story is often negated in the world of business because there is usually no obvious P&L evidence of an ROI. Let me ask you what the return on ‘leadership’ per se is to a business. Yet we all need good leadership to run a business.

And any salesperson or business person worth their weight, tells stories – relevant stories.

I like to liken STORYSELLING (which is more than storytelling) to a 3 legged stool… to lead the conversation at the buyer’s table you need to be aware of all three:

  • The stories you tell yourself ABOUT your client
  • The stories you TELL your client and
  • The stories you need your client to tell YOU.

Rob Grundel, Shawn Callahan, Mark Schenk and Mike Adams are the principals of Anecdote International and have created theses two modern and insightful White Papers. To back the claim that using a story in business and especially the selling environment ‘works’, they have demonstrated the following characteristics:

  • Story is accessible to everybody;
  • Story is a natural information-transfer mechanism between people;
  • Introducing any new idea with story makes that idea more memorable and emotionally resonant;
  • Story is likely to inspire action; and
  • Any strongly held view can be influenced using story.

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