I shared a link on Facebook of a casual family get together where the entire family sung one of my all-time favourites “One More Day” from the epic Les Mis.

Twice I watched it and twice I felt goosebumps.


It couldn’t just be the fact that this family has AMAZING musical genes when it comes to harmony!

Could it be because music finds something within us? Could it be that music puts us in touch with the most inspired parts of our being?

Definitely! Music activates different parts of our brain and according to two UCF professors — neuroscientist Kiminobu Sugaya and world-renowned violinist Ayako Yonetani, “music controls our fear, makes us ready for fight and flight as well as increasing pleasure. So, when you feel shivers go down your spine, the amygdala is activated’.

And we’ve all been there!

We may not be as perfectly in tune from a musical perspective as we might like to be! I mean I took singing lessons when I was 25 years old and my singing teacher suggested at my third lesson, that I save my money!

However, we all have the ability to sing SOMETHING!

And it’s not just about harmonizing Acappella, dragging out SingStar, hitting it with Karaoke or going duo with our long-time favourite – the air guitar!

In other words, it’s not just about what you have to sing, but what you have to say!

  • The world is so very noisy at the moment and people are tired of rubbish coming across their desks.
  • They have too many choices and too many egos telling them WHAT to do and what NOT to do.
  • Too many people SHOUTING at them to be this or be that, or buy that or this, and it’s causing total indecision.

They are in need of words that make them go ‘aha… that is ME!’, or ‘that relates to ME, or ‘that person gets ME’, or ‘this is written to ME.’

You have a voice! A voice that has the capability to activate someone else’s amygdala, to have them feel goosebumps, too and want to listen to, or read, your words.

And the way you do that is to not so much inform, or influence, but to inspire. Yes, bring in facts and data, but bring in your own voice, too.

  • What YOU think about things.
  • What ideas YOU have to bring to the table.
  • What YOU feel might work or not.
  • What YOU see going on that could be changed.
  • What YOU notice that might be a gap that can be filled.

What the world is going through now is a huge transition – socially, politically, environmentally, economically and medically and yes, as it has always done.

And when any transition occurs, transformation follows, or is it vice versa?

Does it matter?

Do you see what I did here? To use your voice is to know there is no right or wrong. There is simply your perception of what is happening and by using your voice, you give others food for thought! And that is a gift!

Using your voice is speaking YOUR truth and feeling safe – from YOURSELF!

Understanding that letting people hear your voice by sharing who you are, by expressing yourself and your views, by asking for help or offering ideas is, in fact, scary! Your amygdala is at work again!

However, through millennia, people with voices have always paved the way and given others hope, motivation and permission to do what they otherwise may not have done.

When change is inherently active, people need reassurance.

They need inspiration.

As I share in my Conscious Selling Model (on which my book, ‘The Art of Commercial Conversations’ is based) – ‘to inspire’ is ‘to breathe life into’ something or someone (especially the ‘C Level’ for salespeople).

And to do that is to share what’s really important – to you and them.

  • Write that blog post, push publish and walk away trusting the one person that needs to read it, reads it.
  • Comment on that article you disagree with and give your own reason why
  • Walk away from that person your guts tells you to walk away from without feeling you have to look back
  • Pick up that phone and ask for the appointment WITHOUT the script!
  • Know that the business world needs to hear from you, too, just as much as they hear from others!

And then again, you don’t always need to speak to use your voice.

Silence is just as effective.

Especially when you simply listen – to what your heart, your gut and your mind is telling YOU!

In the words of Vincent Van Gogh,

“If you hear a voice within you say, ‘you cannot paint,’ then by all means paint, and that voice will be silenced’.

 I reckon I’d respectfully suggest Mr Van Gogh switch his message up a bit,

‘If you hear a voice within you say, ‘you cannot do this’, then by all means do the very thing because you will soon find it paves a way for a new thing you cannot do, that you will.’

That is progress!

Sing Away and Say Away… I say!!

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

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