Bernadette - Shift and Disrupt Launch NYC 2023

Why the 'DOING and DREAMING' Combo is Crucial for Business!

People ask me ‘Bernadette, what are the differences you see between Australia and America?’ …and in nearly 18 months of living here…

Yes! There are a few.

👨👧 – my kids aren’t here with me.

☕☕ – the coffee is nowhere near as good as Australia.

🪟🪟- I see more opportunity.

The last comment is an honest one that could come back to bite me, however what I am about to share is more about me, than cultural geography.

Most Australian heritage stems from a mindset based on a lack of opportunity, where making sure everyone has a ‘fair go’ is more important than standing out. 

And to take that mantra a step further, according to a 2022 survey, 70% of those Australians surveyed regarded ambition as a negative trait, contributing to what we know as Tall Poppy Syndrome.

My personal belief is that this culture stems from the back stories most Australians share, originating from the beautiful Emerald Isle – Ireland.

➡️ In tougher times, people (including my family) emigrated from Ireland because of the lack of food due to the potato famine.

➡️ They were crammed on boats with next to no assets or personal belongings and survival of the fittest reigned.

➡️ They landed in a foreign country that had very few resources – where you were either rich or poor – and most were poor.

➡️ Most were also Catholics with a propensity to breed large families and so scarcity ruled their way of life even further.

➡️ And it was also a destination of punishment for convicts – a definite environment for protecting what was yours, including your positioning and ego.

And so, the Tall Poppy Syndrome flourished…

Should someone dare to ‘have more’ or ‘do more’ or ‘be more’ meant that they were ‘leaving us behind for something better’, and so to protect themselves many refused to support those who chased their dreams and succeeded, and in many cases, judgement ensued, or fault was found with the choices others made.

It was, and still is, a protection strategy for many and something very human.

A subconscious reaction, and all with an intention steeped in certainty and predictability and safeness, to ensure belonging and survival.

And if we are not careful, we may also do it to ourselves.

We might view ourselves through the tall poppy syndrome lens worrying what others might think and forgo opportunities we might not otherwise see, due to a scarcity mindset.

NSN Bernadette NYC 2023

And that is the shift I had to make in launching my latest book.

To step into my own spotlight.

For me personally, whilst Australia is still my home, it is not publicly known as ‘the land of opportunity’.

America is!

And for someone who is both a ‘dreamer’ and a ‘doer’ New York City has always beckoned me for something bigger… and last week I answered that call with pride.

🎤 Whilst I’m not a singer (I used to think I was until the singing teacher told me to save my money)

🎤 And I’m not an actor (although I’m good at drama)

🎤 And I’m also not a dancer (although Zumba lets me be one and makes me look normal).

🎤 I am simply a speaker and a writer.

And for that young girl who grew up in the western suburbs of Auckland, the idea of launching her sixth book in New York City – a block down from the Empire State Building and around the corner from Madison Square Gardens, would be a dream come true.

And I did just that and not without a little help from my friends!

My message in this post is five-fold:

  1. Often opportunity is found outside our four walls, our families, our networking circles, our home town and yes, even our country.
  2. Whilst others have an intention to support you, they may not, and that’s OK. So long as you back yourself and just go for it – that’s sometimes enough!
  3. Hold strong boundaries for yourself and be OK with sharing your joy, regardless of others!
  4. The message shared in this post doesn’t make anybody, any idea, or any place ‘less than’, it simply means you might have to work your magic that little bit harder and that little bit further to make your dreams come true. And that’s OK, too!
  5. And finally, we cannot do it alone!

I am super grateful to a team of people namely Eduardo Baez, president of the National Sales Network (Headquarters) who believed enough in me to book and then fill a room (a classy NY bar in mid-town Manhattan) so I could present on what I believe is a game-changing philosophy for the B2B sales profession – StorySelling (not just storytelling).

His team and committee were amazing doing so much work regarding the marketing collateral, videographer, and photographer.

I am also grateful to Edward Jones USA, America’s largest financial services firm for sponsoring my event and the 60 strong enterprise sales professionals who were there to join in my presentation, book signing and drinks afterwards on a school night.

Yoram Eddie Shift And Disrupt
Yoram, Eddie and SHIFT and DISRUPT!

Special shout out from the side-lines also to Brynne TillmanBeth Granger and Paru Radia for supporting me in person and to Yoram Stone and the Enterprise Sales Forum (hat tip to ☁️ Mark Birch 🚀) who have supported me on my NYC journey over time. And it goes without saying, those amazing humans who turned up in person on the end of the month when their priorities were closing off business – thank you!

Here’s to the dreamers and the doers!

As usual,

Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

Bernadette McClelland

My book ‘SHIFT and DISRUPT: Stop Selling Widgets. Start Selling Wisdom.’ is now available on Amazon or if you are a sales leader and want to take advantage of bulk purchases, head on over to today.

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