Bernadette and Tim Whispering

Why this duo is the ULTIMATE Winning Combination!

It is human to look outside ourselves for the ‘keys to success’, yet we so often overlook those resources we have within us – three of which are the power of laughter, transformation, and play. These three elements are definitely catalysts for peak performance in most worlds, especially the business world.

I remember a moment from my days at Computer Associates when a sales manager stopped me in the hallway one Monday morning after I had smiled at him and he asked with a frown on his face,

"Bernadette, are you always this happy?"

Whilst my response was a heartfelt “yes,” I quietly acknowledged that I’m also like everyone else, meaning there are moments when I’m not.

It was also a lightbulb moment for me that I had never considered, that levity and gravity (or happiness and seriousness) can coexist and also that our emotional state should not define the value of our contributions – especially in business.

Why I say this is that there can be a tendency for some to dismiss those who exude happiness as lacking seriousness or depth, and I have experienced this dismissal not just in the corporate world, but in the world of collegial entrepreneurship as well.

Having a limited perspective around joy and laughter and play, like any limited perspective, hinders our ability to appreciate the unique insights and strengths that happy individuals bring to the table.

Because joy and expertise are not mutually exclusive.

Like any form of DEI, embracing a culture that values both levity and gravity – or happiness and seriousness in harmony, creates environments that encourage collaboration, and therefore amplifies the full potential of everyone. When we can laugh, transform (even if by way of a glittery, transformational, butterfly themed sequinned outfit on a BLING night at the National Speakers Association end of year function) and play, then we pave the way for innovative thinking, inspired solutions, and exceptional performance.

So next time you see someone who shows up and brings with them laughter, transformative thinking, and play in the business world, don’t dismiss them as ‘less than’ by your bias, exclusion or commentary.

Remember happiness and seriousness do coexist harmoniously and when they do – it’s powerful.

Not only do butterflies rock, but I also reckon Tim and I are our own ULTIMATE Winning Combination 😊

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Be Bold, Brave and Brilliant

Bernadette McClelland

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