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The last Home Show we did was our most successful ever and I don’t believe in coincidences as it correlated with your training at our conference the week prior. The members put into practice some of your ideas and it paid immediate dividends for them!  I somehow wish we could have had you speak in between the Brisbane and Melbourne Home Shows so my members could have a better chance of success

Tim Renwick
National Sales and Marketing Director of IBN,
The Independent Builders Network for Australia.


Every time you deliver a proposal, demonstrate your product or present in boardroom you become a professional speaker.

Creating outcomes, delivering value, customising and achieving results relies on your ability to articulate a message and present it powerfully and professionally.


Prospecting doesn’t get you in the door– your Message to Market does.

With all the noise, headaches and next day stress that competition brings you, being relevant, on point and viewed as invaluable will gain you an unfair advantage. Identify the 9 categories of vignettes, sound bites and mini stories with your very own messaging matrix.


Professionals today need to be more aware of how they lead others, not persuade others, and influence is the key.

Identifying the psychology around what makes people tick will, without doubt, ensure you develop new opportunities in an ever-changing marketplace.


Maximising all modes of communication is critical today.

Whilst social is the vehicle, intention is still the driver. We need to have an intention, a purpose and the bravery to put our head above the parapet, on purpose, to form part of our communication and go to market strategy today or be left behind.


Creating the right mindset, mindshare and mindgames for topline growth.

Lifting the lid is expanding capacity for improvement and with the right resources, tools and baseline, then world’s best practice can be achieved, organic revenue growth occurs and ROI is measured.


Take yourself through a sales conversation from picking up the phone to signing the business.

Learn the transition periods, the personality types, the right and wrong questions to ask and the flow of identifying the buyers emotional buying criteria. This will ensure you eliminate all objections and take full lead in the sales conversation.


Knowing the difference between a job description and role clarity changes the game.

We all want goal clarity to help us succeed in life and we all need role clarity to help us succeed in our career. Create your own process for defining expectations to help build the engagement of yourself and others to ensure alignment with accountability and outcomes.


Lead Generation, Getting your Foot in the door.

Not a lot has changed in lead generation today other than a) the methods used – from door knocking at one end of the spectrum to social platforms at the other and b) the amount of knowledge a buyer now has. This workshop covers these and every other method in between, guaranteeing to generate one new lead.

Bernadette did more than hand out a workbook and teach, she put people in the hot seat and engaged us all as she stepped through scenarios, ensured we enjoyed the role plays and facilitated through the use of group coaching and discussion. We have recommended Bernadette to the TEC circuit as she delivers brilliantly and practices what she preaches. Our most effective training yet!

Julie Jardine

Managing Director, Thermal Electric Elements Pty Ltd, Coffs Harbour, NSW

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