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Last year I set an intention to be a ‘keynote speaker’ at 10 events in the USA and one random country I never named – I just wrote ‘1 x random country’ and put it on my list.

10 years ago while I spent 12 months in bed due to illness I decided that if I made it through I would do what I loved, not what I had to do. That meant ‘speaking’ at conferences, kickoffs and sales meetings.

And I am so proud that I have done, am doing, and will continue to do just that! I would never have imagined my messages would be heard in places like Paris, London, Bangkok, Delhi, all across Australia, even outback Alice Springs, my hometown in Auckland, NZ, the snowfields of Queenstown, even Boston, Atlanta, New York City, Chicago, Minneapolis and yes, that random country being Portugal! What’s more I wore flip flops there! (another story)

For 2020 I look forward to audaciously amping up my speaking engagements in Australia AND overseas with a strong message of ‘BEYOND RESILIENCE’ because resilience alone is not enough!
If you are a business, association or sales team that wants to prepare even more for this uncertain environment we are in, then I’ll unapologetically direct you to my speaker page: Keynote Speaking

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EVENT ORGANISERS (Video below) – My programs help your clients, whether they be corporate sales teams or Association members, to be more effective at connecting, conversing and converting more profitable and purposeful opportunities.

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